Is that all?

Monday, 8 February 2010

Body + Interior

Now I can pry myself away from my engine!

Time for some work, i have painted the rear luggage shelf and crossmembers with the first coat of hammerite... looking good :)

Then the black bar that sits above the kickbords, in black hammerite!

Brushed off the underside and the engine bay, pulled out the old firewall and the engine bay seal that needed to go!

bought new interior light switch seals, door seals.

I have also bought new interior light system...more of that when I install it!

I am also trying to aquire the de-mister mixers for the hood - Thanks Herell Bug Supplies!

Also looking at insulating my panels for heat retention.

I have bought some sound deadening strip... Thanks Parker Building Supplies!!

Need to get some lap straps for my back seats!

Heater cables replaced a while ago...

I have also bought a three way cigarette socket splitter and usb power port for the bug...

Good Times!

Engine rebuild...

I have sprayed the crankcase with XHT silver paint and it looks sweet!

I am keeping the cylinders black just WD-40'ing them to drive out any moisture!

Replaced all rings anyway after much ado; tried to replace cylinders using an old band ring compressor an over the top one, no luck!

I bought a clamp type; low friction and worked a beauty :)

Big hole in exhaust muffler! Time for a new one!

Heat exchangers cleaned and looking spick!

New braided fuel hose bought and chrome and glass fuel filters :)

The heads are on, Valve clearances adjusted to a tee!

New plugs, NGK B5HS beauty's!

New leads attached

Crank pulley and pedestal attached, New push rod tubes in!


i have forgotten the baffler tin that hooks onto the cylinders above the pushrods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh well i will have to do that later after two days of working!

GRRR! What a set back!

Cylinders all off!

Finally all cylinders off!

The arkward one, drenched in WD-40 and lifed the engine by it and pushed the crankcase, after some work it come off!

It had been stuck by old oil and rust!

All bores are fine, rings dont look too bad?

Clened all cylinders using the brilliant 3in1 aerosol degreaser, a wire brush, softbrush and plenty of wd-40 to rinse!

After a full crank case and all attached parts clean, time to consider engine finish...

New clutch plate bought despite the old one's mediocre tread...

New fuel filter bought, new grey HT0 leads, new dist. cap -clear, new tinware in chrome, new rotor arm, new oil filler, oil filler tube, oil filler breather filter, new magnetic crome sump plug and chrome sump plate...

all engine gaskets replaced,

all pushrod tubes replaced,

New chrome crank pulley with timing marks,

New dynamo pulley + bolt in chrome,

New distributor clam in chrome,

new pedestal; in chrome,

full engine cleaned!

A few problems solved, The rocker cover gasket was criped inside and very thin, could be a large part of my oil leak!

The oil filler was clogged with scum, my oil leak had got into the fan and caused havok, to the platig company to get the fanshoroud and fan degresed!

Also, one of my vave springs was snapped! In two bits!

Got a new one and fitted it!

Valve bolts and screw adjusters are threded; completely knackered.... time to get a new set!

Tough work but worth the effort!

Time to sleep :(