Is that all?

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Fuel Pump Begins...

Got an old German fuel pump but I remember there are none of the gaskets or internals are available.
Thought I'd check,

Good News!

Borrachas E Autopecas in South America have started manufacturing rebuild kits.

For a South American product, the quality seems very high...



Front inspection plate off,

Top Cast off

Gaskets scraped out,

Filter and bolt removed,

Castings separated,

Diaphragm out,

Springs and push lever removed, (looks worn!)

Full degrease on all components,



 Replacements in the kit - £25.00!

Now to assemble, pre-tension diaphragms and test pressure....

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Distributor Rebuild...

Solid distributor on there, rusted up like everything else.



Cap off, cracked!

Rotor Arm off.

Condenser off.

Points out.

Vaccuum Unit off, leaking!

Cap Clips off.

Swivel Plates out.

40 years of grime!

Dog Gear Retainig wire clip off

Dog Gear Retaining pin pressed out. (Contraption made from an old motorcycle valve spring compressor and a centrepunch)

Dog Gear out.

Shaft and rotory centrifugal gear degreased along with all other parts.

All parts dried throughly and lightly oiled for protection.

Shaft greased with Distributor Assembly Grease.

Washers replaced.

Shaft back in and Dog Gear re-attached.

Much Cleaner!

Felt re-inserted.

Swivel plates greased and back in.

Cap Clips back on.

New Points, set.

New Condenser.

New Cap.

New Rotor Arm.

New Ignition Leads.

Just a new shaft seal.


Carburettor Rebuild

Got a really nice 31PICT-3 unit on this engine.

Dirty as hell and rusted up something good.

Lost the picture I took before I started the strip!

Got a rebuild kit and replaced all the gaskets. I took some bits off of my old carb that were better; stepped cam, throttle arm and auto cut-off valve etc. Kept the needle valve and the jets, they were all immaculate.

Got all the grime off too.

Tested the Float.

Soaked new throtle pump gasket in fuel for an hour before pre-tensioning and installing.

New throttle spring.

Stud had been lost and they were using a bolt instead. Cut some new threads along with new washers and nuts.

Adjusted the throttle pump volume on the bell crank too.

Initial adjustment of 2.5 turns out on the adjusters until I get this running on the engine and I will do final tweaks.

Set heater element.

Degreased everything then galleries and channels blown out.

All ready to go back in.