Is that all?

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Up and running finally....

All good....just the oil filler lid keeps popping off. I will bend the tabs in a bit and it should be fine!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Not the clutch cable? What could it be then?

After testing the clutch cable, dismntling the pedal assembly, it doesnt seem to be the clutch cable after testing it from underneth, it doesn't look amazing after all but it works?

I realise, time for an engine pull . . . BAD MOOD!!!

Time for a cuppa me thinks...





Much better, after stripping the engine to mke it more manouverble, I dropped it ith help from my enthusistic old man....!!!! (<- sarcasm for the simple people like Jaz - Trollop!)

What a sight....

I think I will change the fuel filter as its off for a new one!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Clutch Cable Ordered!

From Cool Air VW I have ordered the clutch cable, a rubber seal for the conduit and a wing nut for two thirds the price of just the cable on a Ebay....

Sweet, Saturday is should be a runner!


I hope.... HAHA

Clutch Cable Snapped!

After taking the Mrs to Mcdonalds on her break from work, Ipull up to the 'talking box' and I place my order.

As I go to pull off, my clutch cables makes a snapping noise and feel.

Start to panic and see red....!

I switch off the engine and wack it in first - managed to get the starter motor to piush me out of that drive thru and into a space.....

Just to make it all better I had to wait 20 minutes for my food as they got my order wrong!!!!!

The Mrs had to get a bus which helped the car situation as you can imagine....

I waited for the RAC patrol man to arrive and say.... 'Yep....It's FU***D'

4 and a half hours later I arrive home .... GREAT!

Also, my friend who was going to swap wheels, his are 100's and mine are 130's....THAT'S A NO GO! GRR!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Rough Running....

Despite the new front, it IS drving well however, the engine is not purring like I want it.

In fairness, Charlotte has been sitting on my drive all over christmas.

She is also due a service since the new engine is in.

I have tightened all of the valves to 0.4mm as stated in the Haynes Manual.

I have also run a full oil change and the oil is clean(ish) and has no particles in it.

I have also replaced the oil, adjusted points, plugs and breaker points. I have also cleaned the distributor, rotor and cap with emery cloth.

I took a sample of the gearbox oil and it is not due a change so I will change it at the next service.

After checking all HT leads, I looked to change the air cleaner oil and what I found may explain the rough running. The following picture shows this:
Futher from this, the crankcase breather was also clogged with hydro-emulsified oil. I used air to blow this with degreaser into a bucket - there was a fair amount!

After a quick squirt down the choke with carby cleaner it was running beautifully again...