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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Rough Running....

Despite the new front, it IS drving well however, the engine is not purring like I want it.

In fairness, Charlotte has been sitting on my drive all over christmas.

She is also due a service since the new engine is in.

I have tightened all of the valves to 0.4mm as stated in the Haynes Manual.

I have also run a full oil change and the oil is clean(ish) and has no particles in it.

I have also replaced the oil, adjusted points, plugs and breaker points. I have also cleaned the distributor, rotor and cap with emery cloth.

I took a sample of the gearbox oil and it is not due a change so I will change it at the next service.

After checking all HT leads, I looked to change the air cleaner oil and what I found may explain the rough running. The following picture shows this:
Futher from this, the crankcase breather was also clogged with hydro-emulsified oil. I used air to blow this with degreaser into a bucket - there was a fair amount!

After a quick squirt down the choke with carby cleaner it was running beautifully again...

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