Is that all?

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Cylinder Heads.

I have taken both of the heads to the workshop and given them a good inspection.

Some exhaust studs are missing. This can be worrying as it either means that they were loose and cam of with exhaust (maybe damaged threads?) or someone started to remove them and couldn't get these ones out.

They are very coked up and very greasy. Looks like a valve has been open adjusted as it is burnt out and there is rippling of burn oil in the rocker box.

Some cracking on the inlet valves and pitting on exhaust valves.

Other than that, they are dandy!

I intend to replace all of the valves anyway. Got some nice Ivam Italian ones to go in.

Off for a degrease bath and a de-rust bath too.

These will need a nylon wire wheel to polish them up.

Right head is done.



Left Head:

Uh oh......

I think someone may have lost something...?

Good Cylinder
Smashed up Cylinder

 Blown Rocker box...

Need a new head I guess.... I will get this one re-ground and save it for a spare!
Luckily, I have a mountain of spare heads. I'll get digging!
Good head is a 113.101.373A and  this one is a 311.101.373B. Although pretty much interchangeable, I'd rather have two 113.101.373A 's on there like standard.

I'll get digging!

Now to get the exhaust studs out of the good head and replace with stainless, I'll use VW anti-seize nuts too!.