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Thursday, 18 November 2010

New engine re build

The case and crank i bought were very good quality and i have started to rebuild. The case is back together...

Then only question is, every galley in the case is tapped?!

They dont look used but they are all tapped so i have had to balnk them all off!

I was going to use the parts off of the bad bearing engine to rebiuld this new case but as you can see from the pictures, one of the pisto crowns was cracked so i have used the ones off of the engine that has just come out of the bug!

All new pins and rings!

Nearly there!...

Making a start...

I have started to make a go at repairing.

The bellhousing is fine to use, damage is cosmetic apart from the hole.

Whilst at work, my father used metal epoxy putty to fill teh hole - great fix...

Need to now get some parts in order to sort the rest out...

Disaster MkII

This is a mess!

I removed the engine, and what i saw made me cry!

HAHA! Engine came out fine but, the bell housing is poor!

Three of the cltch retaining bolts had come out and shot round the bell housing, one causing a hole!

They had all bent, the pressure plate is no longer true.
They had shot blasted the bell housing all the way around and the clutch fork spacer is shot!

Just look at the pictures!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Even more pictures...

More Pictures...

New Engine

This new engine is a shocking piece of work!!

it is an insult to any engine rebuilder!

Just see attached pics!

5 Grub screws, screwed straight through bearing and guide! Just look!

I will take everything but case!

I forgot to tell of another break down, or two!

I know my beetle gets duely abused but there are two break downs around college that have made me chuckle. Firstly, station road in Lewes, Sussex. It is an extremely steep hill, crucial to get across Lewes and very busy.

Well, the engine wasn't too bad, genny wasn't charging so the starter wouldn't work and as my luck goes the handbrake had overflown that day and popped off the ratchet.

So me and some friends decide to pop to Tesco in a break, we drive up the hill fine, as we reach the top i see a nice policeman and then i see the lights change to red and the car in front of me nips through. I stop at the lights, i keep the revs up and down the styeep hill behing the traffic begins to pile up...

My passenger is holding the handbrake up as i slowly use clutch and throttle. As i say release the handbrake i thought he did it instatly, turns out he didn't so my, fully applying the clutch quite hastily caused Charlie to stall. My car needs to be bumped started to start at all and we are on a steep hill with many cars behind all tail to bonnet....

S**T! What do we do?

I quickly usher everyone out and tell them to push me up so I can roll backwards and bumpstartin reverse, using enough of the road to bump start but no going back so far as to hit this man's car behind.

Kindly, he sees what is going on and he jumps out to help, another leaflet man joins him and they all push me up, after three attempts, it was time to be off and I think it was my lunch round!!!

Another time not too long before then, my fuel gauge is tempermental at best, I had a busy day at college, was giving a friend home (who just so happened to be in the first incident) and I am doing 50mph along a major into Newhaven. Suddenly i hear the engine splutter and die, i wait for the van on the opposite side of the road to pass and throw it onto the most appropriate place (see pic)... Then the long walk to the petrol station and back!!!

Another engine!

As his engine is 'beyond repair' I have just bought a newly renovated case and crank from a guy on Ebay.

This one should be nice - will pick taht one up tommorrow aswell.

Better go clear some space in the workshop!

New engine 1

I had, just before the disaster, a friend offer me another engine that was beyond repair to rebuild and salvage parts from.

He said there was some poor attempt to stop a spinning rear bearing... I will wait to see what faces me when I collect it tomorrow!


I was at work in a small Sussex village completely out in the sticks and at the bottom of a great hill and when I was getting to the botom i engaged the clutch in an appropriate gear and it slipped...

As I drove on it began to slip badly.

Still not charging well.

As i pulled into my work it got worse.

As i left work, no one that could tow me, I decided to take the A27 to get home and i had to gently accellerate other wise it would just slip. I had to get it home - Engine pull time.

As i was driving I heard a large bang from gearbox, UH OH..

I heard lots of rattling.

I pulled up home and went inside for a beeverage(non-alcoholic of course) to calm down.

Time to pull engine.

Gennerator Trouble

I ahve check out put voltage of D+ on genny when connected. 7.8v at 2000 Rpm - No where near enoughpower output!!

The gen light is on dimly most of the time, I have checked all cables (bearing in mind i did recable the lot a year ago anyway!)

I have replaced bushes.

One of the terminals is slightly corroded so i have fixed that one an dit makes no difference.

I have re-polarised the Gen.

When i take off the D+ and ground DF i get 40v ??

I then replaced the voltage regulator and still no difference!

V. confused. So I then bought a new gen as I saw a cheap one.

I put it on still no good. I adjusted the points in the Regulator as per a good document I was sent, and it did make a difference. It wasn't working fully but it was charging at least.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Starter problems ,, again!

The new starter went in fine, very strong start however, it squealed when the engine was running, i removed it and the gear stopper (thrust washer) was split in three parts!

I went back to burgess hill and got another.

Changed it for another one, fitted it, still a squeal.

I took it off, took it back, cleaned the old one back on. It will do for now.

Still not chrging so well. Like, at all!

More problems!

Starter problem has got worse, the batt is dieing and not charging so well.

this limits the amount of flicks of the strater i can get so my mate Sam has had to push a few times to start it.

After a push start assisted by a Butch international lady, we are off to burgess hill to get a starter!

Break Down Again!

Today I broke down again, sped round a corner and engine died. checked fuel, dizzy was soild, points were ok.

Dug out the multi-meter from my bonnet and tested the power to the coil...0.6v hmm thats not enough.

Checked fuse, blown!

Replaced, and restarted.

Blown again, i checked throughly for splits in cable and points earthing.

Nope, i was running out of fuses so i attached one end of a jump lead to one side of fuse box and other side to other side, 1 mile to college...i can make it!

I did, looked again, no earthing points, hmmm...

Replaced fuse...all fine again? Oh Charlie,,, you got character!

Found the problem!

The carby has vibrated off!!

I went to adjust the carby and it wobbled on it's stand, no wonder it was running badly!!

Fuel pump was loose as was gen pedestal!

The starter has also gradually developed an issue. Every time i try to start the car the starter just flicks out and spins by doesnt engage the flywheel!

Not too much of an issue because I flick it a few times until it starts!

Tigtened down all bolts!

sounds beautiful again!

No more of my friend Sam sitting with his foot on the accelerator, whilst i run into the shop, keeping revs above 4000 so it doesnt stall from backfiring and stop me starting it as the starter has a problem.

That didnt please the shop keeper of Daisy's very much, or anybody within a 6 mile radius for that matter.

Bad running!

The beast has been driving well for about three weeks now!

It's great!

But it has back fired like twice today - timing fine, points ok, plugs ok, exhaust good...



The genuine German oil seal works well!

No oil leak!

it is a very rattly ride...very!

I can feel the clutch pedal vibrating when i depress it!

i have checked the Bowden tube as someone on Volkstorque told me but still no luck!

Hmm I need my car so I will drive until I need to!

Case back together!

Case re-assembled all old parts but new bearings... that should last for a while!

I hope!

I will tune and ride tomorrow...

I was right - Rear Main Seal

The end float has pounded the rear main seal so much it has split around the circumference and was dripping with oil.

When i look closely it is the bearing moving aswell and the dowel should stop that?!?!

Think it might be time to tackle those bearings that have come loose again!

Time to replace them!

Nope, Rownhams Services.

Broke down at 10.30pm 1 and a half hours from home .... got home 2am!

Pulled into the layby before M27 to check the car before the M27.
In the headlights of a car passing i see a glistening trail! :(

I look under and see a dripping from the engine.

I have like 7 miles to Rownhams....

I will just drive it and push it to the red line to get to those services!

I get to 3 miles away...smoking engine bay!

I get to 2 miles away engine loosing power!

I get to a mile away i break a sweat - inside lane just waiting until I need to ditch into hard shoulder!

I get to half a mile Charlie wont even reach 50mph!

I pull onto rownhams slip road and coast all the way into the car park - call RAC and sit and wait!

Bad times ... Rear main seal I think!

Ready to Leave for Eastbourne

More Pictures Of Break Down

Monday, 15 November 2010

Nope didnt make it!

On the way down i had a few problems!

Firstly i drive at 70mph all the way to Rownhams services, Bit rattly the ride.

I check the back and as you can see from first photo it ain't great! The oil filler lid had just popped off to i tightened it by bending the lips in slightly.

Off we set to get to Taunton.

A31 between Burly and Ringwood. I look in the rear view mirror a huge plume of smoke coming out of the back! Sh**!

I pull over into the inside lane by quickly checking my nearside wing mirror only to se a lorry just far enough behind! I cut across inside lane and roll onto the verge. A very quick road with a tiny verge, i wait for a gap in the traffic and dart out round to the back to see a trail of glistening oil stretching from the outside lane into the puddle that had fromed by my feet. It look underneath and see the sump plug has rattled out!

The oil is pouring out. After throwing the fire extiguisher i grabbed to put out the 'engine fire' into the bush, i checked and it was jsut oil smoking off of the exhaust!

Beautiful RAC come and got me, hoisted Charlie Brown onto the back of a truck and took us the rest of the way!

The horrific piece of paper that was stamped ENGINE SEIZURE made me very happy!

After calling around every garage i could, it turned out that the main vw dealership still stock sump plugs!

I bought three just in case and bought ten litres of oil just in case after filling it with oil and hand turning the crank 100 turns i decided to try to start it, i took of the main black coil feed cable and insulated it. i wound the started for a few mins and then, before the batt died, i plugged the feed cable back on and it started beautifully!

I kept it at 2000rpm for 20 minutes and went on a test drive!

It was a smooth ride the whole way with no bad sounds. Fuel consumption was still low so i checked every bolt's torque as it was nearly time to drive back up to eastbourne!

... wish me luck!