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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

I forgot to tell of another break down, or two!

I know my beetle gets duely abused but there are two break downs around college that have made me chuckle. Firstly, station road in Lewes, Sussex. It is an extremely steep hill, crucial to get across Lewes and very busy.

Well, the engine wasn't too bad, genny wasn't charging so the starter wouldn't work and as my luck goes the handbrake had overflown that day and popped off the ratchet.

So me and some friends decide to pop to Tesco in a break, we drive up the hill fine, as we reach the top i see a nice policeman and then i see the lights change to red and the car in front of me nips through. I stop at the lights, i keep the revs up and down the styeep hill behing the traffic begins to pile up...

My passenger is holding the handbrake up as i slowly use clutch and throttle. As i say release the handbrake i thought he did it instatly, turns out he didn't so my, fully applying the clutch quite hastily caused Charlie to stall. My car needs to be bumped started to start at all and we are on a steep hill with many cars behind all tail to bonnet....

S**T! What do we do?

I quickly usher everyone out and tell them to push me up so I can roll backwards and bumpstartin reverse, using enough of the road to bump start but no going back so far as to hit this man's car behind.

Kindly, he sees what is going on and he jumps out to help, another leaflet man joins him and they all push me up, after three attempts, it was time to be off and I think it was my lunch round!!!

Another time not too long before then, my fuel gauge is tempermental at best, I had a busy day at college, was giving a friend home (who just so happened to be in the first incident) and I am doing 50mph along a major into Newhaven. Suddenly i hear the engine splutter and die, i wait for the van on the opposite side of the road to pass and throw it onto the most appropriate place (see pic)... Then the long walk to the petrol station and back!!!

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