Is that all?

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Wheels are on ...

Heretics Meet and other bug pics ....

Still Running Like A Pig...

Still jolting on acceleration ....

Hmm... I still have a tickling feeling about the condenser....

I have bought a new one from VWHeritage.

Great Quality and fitted straight on and works like a dream....

Wheels to go on next!

Monday, 9 May 2011


As you know I have had the HGV wheels on for too long now so
I bought some steels - poor condition!

I have found a guy called Greg Norfolk who said he could refulb, strip and recoat in Ivory - same colour as the seats... The results speak for themselves!
Also, Black Rock Tyres of Brighton East sussex had the best deals on 15" tyres:

Unit 2, Protran House
Boundary Road,
East Sussex
01273 690 955

Running like a pig!

Recently, the bug has got worse and worse performance.

I stripped the carby and rebuilt it.

Replaced condenser, points and coil (Needed doing anyway!)

Checked the leads - all sparking and good!

I took cyclinder 3&4 plugs out... Fluffy with coke!

Anyway, cleaned up, reset gap the 1&2 cylinder....

Dripping with fuel!

Uh Oh ... must be valves!

 1&2 Rocker covers taken off.... Boom!

Rockershaft, nuts and a snapped stud hit the drip pan.....

That would explain alot!

I replaced stud, checked all push rods, all fine all moving smothly.... hmmm?

I replaced the stud, checked the torque, all valves openly cleanly and smothly...

I will have to have a think but for now all replaced and gaps reset....

Running like a dream...I managed to convince the Mrs I had replced the engine for an 1800cc....HEHEHE!

Problem solved!