Is that all?

Thursday, 10 February 2011

The Bug is Back!

New Starter motor on - BE-A-UTIFUL!

Wheels aligned. Need to sort camber -'tis abit off. I have found someone who can do it...

After taking off the disks originally I found most of the bots had been previously sheared!

That is one of my pet hates, people who don't re-tap or extract broken threads! Just another issue found and sorted on this bug.

I extracted all of them bar one and drilled and re-tapped that one to a larger thread diameter.

Hub plates are now back on the newly assembled front beam.

When I had to change the needle bearings they were undamaged and unworn so I reused them. Getting them out however, was a different matter.

My father, in his irritating wisdom, appeared with a blasé attitude about making a pulling tool so I left him to it.


 Firstly,  he measured up the hole as his tag line has contantly been 'measure, measure, measure!'

He then cut the steel bar to a plate of the measured size.


Then He ground off the edges to make is easier to get in without causing damage.


Then, some thread was cut to act as the thread for puller.

Then the bar was drilled to allow for the thread bar to go through.

Then the tool was assembled...

Then the tool was used, bar slotted in behind the needle bearing....

Then a bar or angular steel was used as the puller base...

Then tightened to extract the bearing...

and to my anger, his tool had worked first time. Grrrr.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Starter Motor

I have also bought a new-old starter with solenoid that works....

Hopefully, after a clean-up, it will be good :)

Old Axle

Some pictures of the damage and repairs....

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

New Wheels

Off to get some new wheels today...

Then they need to be put on, new michelin fuel hose on, fuel filter; because I can, and petrol tank back in.

Then we are go!

Primered and rubbed the boot lid - now to get it sprayed and put badge on!