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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Gennerator Trouble

I ahve check out put voltage of D+ on genny when connected. 7.8v at 2000 Rpm - No where near enoughpower output!!

The gen light is on dimly most of the time, I have checked all cables (bearing in mind i did recable the lot a year ago anyway!)

I have replaced bushes.

One of the terminals is slightly corroded so i have fixed that one an dit makes no difference.

I have re-polarised the Gen.

When i take off the D+ and ground DF i get 40v ??

I then replaced the voltage regulator and still no difference!

V. confused. So I then bought a new gen as I saw a cheap one.

I put it on still no good. I adjusted the points in the Regulator as per a good document I was sent, and it did make a difference. It wasn't working fully but it was charging at least.

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