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Monday, 15 November 2010

Nope didnt make it!

On the way down i had a few problems!

Firstly i drive at 70mph all the way to Rownhams services, Bit rattly the ride.

I check the back and as you can see from first photo it ain't great! The oil filler lid had just popped off to i tightened it by bending the lips in slightly.

Off we set to get to Taunton.

A31 between Burly and Ringwood. I look in the rear view mirror a huge plume of smoke coming out of the back! Sh**!

I pull over into the inside lane by quickly checking my nearside wing mirror only to se a lorry just far enough behind! I cut across inside lane and roll onto the verge. A very quick road with a tiny verge, i wait for a gap in the traffic and dart out round to the back to see a trail of glistening oil stretching from the outside lane into the puddle that had fromed by my feet. It look underneath and see the sump plug has rattled out!

The oil is pouring out. After throwing the fire extiguisher i grabbed to put out the 'engine fire' into the bush, i checked and it was jsut oil smoking off of the exhaust!

Beautiful RAC come and got me, hoisted Charlie Brown onto the back of a truck and took us the rest of the way!

The horrific piece of paper that was stamped ENGINE SEIZURE made me very happy!

After calling around every garage i could, it turned out that the main vw dealership still stock sump plugs!

I bought three just in case and bought ten litres of oil just in case after filling it with oil and hand turning the crank 100 turns i decided to try to start it, i took of the main black coil feed cable and insulated it. i wound the started for a few mins and then, before the batt died, i plugged the feed cable back on and it started beautifully!

I kept it at 2000rpm for 20 minutes and went on a test drive!

It was a smooth ride the whole way with no bad sounds. Fuel consumption was still low so i checked every bolt's torque as it was nearly time to drive back up to eastbourne!

... wish me luck!


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