Is that all?

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Nope, Rownhams Services.

Broke down at 10.30pm 1 and a half hours from home .... got home 2am!

Pulled into the layby before M27 to check the car before the M27.
In the headlights of a car passing i see a glistening trail! :(

I look under and see a dripping from the engine.

I have like 7 miles to Rownhams....

I will just drive it and push it to the red line to get to those services!

I get to 3 miles away...smoking engine bay!

I get to 2 miles away engine loosing power!

I get to a mile away i break a sweat - inside lane just waiting until I need to ditch into hard shoulder!

I get to half a mile Charlie wont even reach 50mph!

I pull onto rownhams slip road and coast all the way into the car park - call RAC and sit and wait!

Bad times ... Rear main seal I think!

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