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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Found the problem!

The carby has vibrated off!!

I went to adjust the carby and it wobbled on it's stand, no wonder it was running badly!!

Fuel pump was loose as was gen pedestal!

The starter has also gradually developed an issue. Every time i try to start the car the starter just flicks out and spins by doesnt engage the flywheel!

Not too much of an issue because I flick it a few times until it starts!

Tigtened down all bolts!

sounds beautiful again!

No more of my friend Sam sitting with his foot on the accelerator, whilst i run into the shop, keeping revs above 4000 so it doesnt stall from backfiring and stop me starting it as the starter has a problem.

That didnt please the shop keeper of Daisy's very much, or anybody within a 6 mile radius for that matter.

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