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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Clutch Cable Snapped!

After taking the Mrs to Mcdonalds on her break from work, Ipull up to the 'talking box' and I place my order.

As I go to pull off, my clutch cables makes a snapping noise and feel.

Start to panic and see red....!

I switch off the engine and wack it in first - managed to get the starter motor to piush me out of that drive thru and into a space.....

Just to make it all better I had to wait 20 minutes for my food as they got my order wrong!!!!!

The Mrs had to get a bus which helped the car situation as you can imagine....

I waited for the RAC patrol man to arrive and say.... 'Yep....It's FU***D'

4 and a half hours later I arrive home .... GREAT!

Also, my friend who was going to swap wheels, his are 100's and mine are 130's....THAT'S A NO GO! GRR!

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