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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Distributor Rebuild...

Solid distributor on there, rusted up like everything else.



Cap off, cracked!

Rotor Arm off.

Condenser off.

Points out.

Vaccuum Unit off, leaking!

Cap Clips off.

Swivel Plates out.

40 years of grime!

Dog Gear Retainig wire clip off

Dog Gear Retaining pin pressed out. (Contraption made from an old motorcycle valve spring compressor and a centrepunch)

Dog Gear out.

Shaft and rotory centrifugal gear degreased along with all other parts.

All parts dried throughly and lightly oiled for protection.

Shaft greased with Distributor Assembly Grease.

Washers replaced.

Shaft back in and Dog Gear re-attached.

Much Cleaner!

Felt re-inserted.

Swivel plates greased and back in.

Cap Clips back on.

New Points, set.

New Condenser.

New Cap.

New Rotor Arm.

New Ignition Leads.

Just a new shaft seal.


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