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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Drive, Stratagy, ACTION!

I have now realised the dampness is due to some damaged door seals! I must replace them!

I have now taken out the back seats and the speaker shelf... Pioneer 250's ... nice :)

I have also i am going to rub down the inner floor pan ...its better than i thought but it could do with a rubbin'

I have wire brushed the fuel tank and it looks better .. just needs a coat of black expandable gloss ...

I have cleaned out the inside and the road outside due to an oil leak!

I have now replaced all of the leads with new ones ... No as easy as thought... The spark plug end were different so i have had to get the end off of a new pair of spark plugs and replace them .... One step closer to homogeneity in Charlie .... Not her strong point!

The fuel filter is still bugging me!

Ah well ... time to call it a day!

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