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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

On our way!

We then flew from Southampton Airport up to Durham Tee's Side airport . . .

We then picked up Charlie and her history is vast and well collated ... well done prev owners!

Our drive back was tedious...

Charlie had been used as a short distance (less than 5 miles) daily runner . . . We were about to embark on a 320 mile journey in one hit ...

There were a few problems... The handbreak cable, on one side, had snapped. The heater (flow control) cable had also snapped. The fuel gauge was unwired.

We knew all this before, thankfully, due to a very honest seller..!

We left Middlesborough at 11am on the Saturday ...

Its hard to compare the Mazda RX8 of my fathers compared to a 39 year old car... It's so draughty and loud!!

You never forget the noise of a Vdub Beetle!

Due to the fuel gauge being broken we had to estimate the fuel ... we filled up after we left then drove to Sheffield we then put in another tank and saw how much fuel we were using per 100 miles... After this we planned our stops...

My father drove the car so i was just there so spectate and enjoy the ride...

We started along the route and realised how cold the car was!

We drove from Middlesborough to Sheffield and stopped there at a service station... Topped up on tea and Burger King!

By this time we has wrapped our coats around our legs, i was wearing 3 pairs of socks and two pairs of trousers .... The bloody heating!

We then drove on down towars Bishop's Stortford and stopped to see my uncle ... On our way we saw a flash from under the steering column?!?!

We pulled into the hard shoulder and i checked we didn't have and lights out!

We then carried on ...

After this we were on the final leg! (a usual commute for my Father)

We then approached Brighton and pulled off of the A23 on the Brighton slip-road... Suddenly ... nothing, no power!

I am glad we made it this far without breaking down but on the other hand, it was so close to home. . .

We had then rolled up onto the pavement... Earlier my father had bought a 5 litre can of fuel at Middlesborough! We put that in and after a very tense few seconds the engine roared into life!!

We then drove 20 meters around the corner to the petrol station ... typical of my father :)

We had to the drive home ... when we got home my family were not convinced by charlie but they just didn't see her beauty!!!

The Foo Fighter album i had bought in Sheffield was no longer my favourite CD due to over-playing :L

A good night's sleep was then appropriate...


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