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Friday, 21 January 2011

Axel rebuild

All steering ball joints changed.

Counted the turns until the old joint come off, then screwed the new one on the same amount of turns and tightened. Sweet!

Next, steering box's position measured and cleaned up. Then assembled on new beam(pictured in black) in same measurement.

The new beam I got from a breakers - good deal, just sripped it to bare metal witha wire sanding dick and primered and three coats of hammerite all over, will be undersealed aswell.

Then dampers off.

Then stub axels.

Then tortion arms knocked off (with some butane torch convincing).

Ball joints will need replacing (EECHH... who has a press?)

All changed, hubs cleaned, everything else cleaned - now I need to get some torsion end ball joints....


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