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Friday, 21 January 2011

Im not lucky!

I am having terrible luck with this bug!

With all this snow, the A27 was covered the other day!

I will upload some pictures of the road at some point!

As I went round a corner on the A26, I slid into the curb front on!

After this, I got out and the tyre was ok.

I carried on and noticed the steering felt heavy, I pulledinto a layby and saw the wheel didn't look quite right but was still very much inflated so I carried on.

The steering was pulling to the near side!!

When I got back home, I checked the wheels and I noticed the nearside front was pointing out at the top of the wheel.

I jacked up the front end and all looked ok. The wheel at the front nearside had a large coefficient of positive camber...

Oh dear 15 degrees...too much.

I saw some underseal chipped off of the front beam and called upon the old man. After some meticulous measurement he indeed concluded it F*CKED!

The front beam would have to come off to check it all.

We checked the floor pan for any bending or creasing but it was fine... a small mercy I guess...

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