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Wednesday, 16 December 2009


Snow forecast today!

But no such luck yet ...which gives me time to work on Charlotte!

I have brushed down the underside of the backseats, i saw a flec of rust fall from the parcel shelf so i decided to take up that carpet....

That was not such a great find ... As you can see from the picture, slight ferrous abundancy!

I wire brushed the lot...good condition ... a few minute holes in parcel shelf... All hoovered out and ready for a coat of sealant ...

I spent the rest of the day dumping three KG of salt on my raised driveway to prevent ice hopefully :)

53p a kg ...epic win!

I then took off the rear bumper and cleaned down the inside .... ohh dear!

In true Charlie Brown style, the bumper was fixed with two different bolts :L

Love it! ... That's character!

Day drawing to a close again ... nearly ready for the work shop!

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