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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Strip Down Started...

This engine is pretty dirty. The story goes, it come with a trike, the bloke chucked a blanket over it in his garage and eight years later, here we are.

The case looks in good form, I removed all the ancillaries today. Inlet was cracked along the preheat somehow? It had also had a hole drilled in it, just left of the carb.

German PICT 3 carb, looks to be in good order, will strip and clean anyway...

The case has a bit of damage on the lower left lip where the tin screws into at the back. Will have to work on that.

All looks good though, seems as if there had been a spider nest in one of the cylinders? Valve was left open!

The oil cooler seems to have been leaking, the block studs come straight out unsurprisingly...

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